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Lestedo’s “Filloa” Cultural Association will pay tribute this Sunday to Galicia’s four oldest “filloa” festivals

Lestedo’s “Filloa” Cultural Association will pay tribute this Sunday to Galicia’s four oldest “filloa” festivals: “Festa da Filloa de Valongo” (in the municipal district of Cerdedo-Cotobade, province of Pontevedra), “Festa da Filloa de Muimenta” (in the municipal district of Cospeito, province of Lugo), “Festa da Filloa de Sada” (in the municipal district of Sada, province of A Coruña) and “Festa da Filloa da Pedra” (in the municipal district of A Baña, province of A Coruña). The entities in charge of promoting these food festivals will be awarded Aprons of Honour from the 2023 “Filloa” Festival during the festival’s opening speech, which will be delivered this year by the prestigious Michelin-star chef Manuel Costiña.

The president of Lestedo’s “Filloa” Cultural Association, Xosé Manuel Canabal, explained that “in this fortieth anniversary of Filloa de Lestedo Festival, we wanted to highlight this traditional carnival product that can be savoured any day of the year. That’s why we decided to award 2023 Aprons of Honour to Galicia’s four most singular “filloa” festivals, along with ours, namely those of Valongo, Muimenta, Sada, and A Baña.”

The Valongo “Filloa” Festival is the oldest; next year it will be held for the 45th time in the municipal district of Cerdedo-Cotobade, province of Pontevedra. For its part, the Sada “Filloa” Festival was held on February 19th this year for the 37th time. The Muimenta “Filloa” Festival will be held for the 32nd time this year in May, in Lugo’s Manuel Vila López de Cospeito fairground. Finally, A Baña’s “Festa da Filloa da Pedra” was held last weekend with great success in its 19th year.

Opening speech and “Filloa Cooking”

Other awardees include the person delivering the opening speech, Manuel Costiña, and the director-general of the President of the Xunta de Galicia’s Office, Emilio de la Iglesia, who will also receive an Apron of Honour during the events leading up to the opening speech of Lestedo’s 40th “Filloa” Festival, featuring this year Manuel Costiña, from the Retiro da Costiña (Santa Comba) restaurant, a prestigious chef with one Michelin Star.

Manuel Costiña will also participate in “Filloa Cooking”, two master classes that will be imparted in Lestedo on Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th. Chef José Manuel Mallón will direct the cooking show “Gluten-free Lestedo,” in collaboration with the Galician Association of Celiacs and the GDR19 Terras de Compostela Association. It will be held on Friday, February 24th, at 6 pm, with preference being given to members of the Galician Association of Celiacs. This session will be supplemented by the making of gluten-free portions of “filloas” on Sunday, February 26th, at Lestedo’s 40th Filloa Festival.

And on Saturday, February 25, at 6.30 pm, Chef Manuel Costiña will give a master class in Lestedo entitled “Terra e mar (Land and Sea). Both “Filloa Cooking” initiatives are open to local participation, although there is a maximum number of participants, who can register beforehand at

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