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The 41st Lestedo Festival broke all records. “For the first time we have significantly exceeded the 100,000 filloas distributed, half of them today on Sunday and the rest during the different parallel activities that we have been organizing in the last month,” says José Manuel Canabal, president of the Cultural

The “Filloa”Cooking program concluded its second year yesterday with the Accesible Filloa workshop, which was developed in sign language. Twenty members of the Association of Deaf People of Santiago (APSSC) participated in this proposal, in which they were able to learn how to make Lestedo “Filloas” thanks to the chef

Yesterday afternoon, Lestedo Social Centre became a “corner of happiness” with the Gluten-free Filloa cooking show. Half a hundred people attended this activity, included in the Filloa Cooking program  of the Filloa de Lestedo Festival, which registered an unbeatable reception. The event, which was developed in collaboration with the Galician

Successful participation in the “Filloeira School”, the first activity of the program of cooking shows and thematic workshops that “Filloa Cooking” launched on the occasion of the 41st Lestedo “Filloa” Festival. During the afternoon of today, more than twenty boys and girls gathered at the Social Centre in Lestedo’s Campo

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