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The Lestedo Filloa Festival obtains the titleof Festival of National Tourist Interest

The Lestedo Filloa Festival has just obtained the title of Festival of National Tourist Interest. The Secretary of State for Tourism sent this morning to Boqueixón Town Council – which made the request promoted by the Cultural Association of the Filloa de Lestedo – the resolution granting the title of Festival of National Tourist Interest (FITN) to the landmark gastronomic event in the municipality of Boqueixón.

Both the Cultural Association of the Lestedo Filloa and the Town Council showed their satisfaction at obtaining this title. “This is the just reward and recognition of the effort made by our residents of Lestedo for more than four decades,” says the president of the group, Xosé Manuel Canabal. “We hope that this declaration will serve to expand the promotional and informative activities centred on the Lestedo Filloa, taking it to different parts of Spain,” he added.

For his part, the councillor from Boqueixón, Ovidio Rodeiro, said that “this distinction opens the doors to the projection of the Lestedo Filloa Festival beyond our borders, valuing our tradition, culture, and the good work of our residents.” In this sense, he indicated that the Council will work tirelessly “to promote the Lestedo Filloa and to magnify this gastronomic exaltation that already takes the name of Boqueixón throughout the country.”

Compliance with requirements

For the declaration as FITN, the Filloa de Lestedo Festival accredited, through a complete technical report, compliance with all the requirements demanded by the Secretary of State for Tourism to achieve this recognition at a national level. Among them, there is the motion of unanimous support by the Municipal Corporation to the declaration of FITN, and a favourable report issued by the Galician Tourism Agency in support of its candidacy. In this sense, the Council and the Cultural Association of the Lestedo Filloa expressed appreciate for “the collaboration and involvement” of the regional body in providing the necessary impetus to reach the favourable resolution received today.

In addition, in the technical report of the Cultural Association of the Lestedo Filloa, carried out in collaboration with the Council, both the origin of the celebration -which began its journey in 1984- the cultural roots, the neighbourhood involvement that demonstrates its development, as well as data on the collaboration established with different entities both local and supra-municipal and of other kinds, were accredited. These synergies contributed to the celebration and the expansion of its programme.

In the same way, the nearly half a percent impact that the Festival had in various media outlets, both generalist and specialized at the national level, were included, which corroborates the interest in the celebration. Likewise, data on the visits recorded in recent years and how this celebration also contributes to the economic revitalization not only of Lestedo, but also of the whole of Boqueixón and its surroundings, were included. He also highlighted the new website (adapted to the AA accessibility criteria), in addition to the presence of the event in social media.

The Town Council and the Cultural Association of the Lestedo Filloa plan to hold an event to celebrate this declaration as a Festival of National Tourist Interest. An event that will also serve to make a “fair tribute to all the people, organizations, entities, and collaborating companies” in an event that in recent years has not stopped growing.

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