Lestedo’s traditional “filloa” can be savoured free of charge in El Corte Inglés’ cafeteria in Santiago de Compostela up to February 22

Lestedo’s “Filloa” Cultural Association, El Corte Inglés in Santiago, and Boqueixón Town Council presented today an initiative to promote Lestedo’s “Filloa” Festival, which will take place in El Corte Inglés’ cafeteria in the next few days. From hoy until February 22nd, a filloeira (“filloa” cook) will make this traditional product, which is characteristic of the carnival season, in front of the eyes of the shopping centre’s visitors.

The initiative was presented by the mayor of Boqueixón, Manuel Fernández Munín; the Galicia-Asturias manager of El Corte Inglés’ Large-Scale Consumption, Gourmet Club, Catering, Raúl Vázquez Valleres; and the president of Lestedo’s “Filloa” Cultural Association, José Manuel Canabal. The same as last year, Carme Mella made the “filloas,” which were enjoyed by those attending the event and, after that, the clients of El Corte Inglés’ cafeteria.

Manuel Fernández Munín thanked El Corte Inglés for its support in promoting Lestedo’s “Filloa” Festival, which has been declared a Festival of Galician Tourist Interest. “Boqueixón Town Council is proud to enjoy, one more year, the support of El Corte Inglés in promoting such a characteristic and traditional product as the Lestedo filloa,” declared the mayor.

For his part, Raúl Vázquez Valleres highlighted El Corte Inglés’ links with Galicia’s culture, tradition, and cuisine, always making its shopping centres available to the surrounding area as a platform for promoting initiatives such as Lestedo’s “Filloa” Festival, while also enhancing the experience of its clients, who will have the privilege of savouring and seeing, before their eyes, how one of Galician cuisine’s oldest and most authentic products is made.

Finally, José Manuel Canval highlighted that “they’ve been collaborating with El Corte Inglés for ten years. We want to thank them for promoting Lestedo’s “Filloa” Festival among their clients and helping us to attract more and more visitors each year to what began as a parish festival and now, forty years later, is well established as one of Galicia’s landmark food events.”

From today until February 22, every day from 1 pm to 4.30 pm, a filloeira will make fresh Lestedo “filloas” in Santiago de Compostela’s El Corte Inglés cafeteria. Those in attendance can savour the “filloas” free of charge to whet their appetite for the grand festival that will be held in Boqueixón on Sunday, February 26.